Guest Players

Does your team need a guest player? Are you an individual player looking for a team?


If you are a player looking for a team and interested in playing in the Lititz Summer Showcase, you can register to be a guest player.  Visit the Player Registration page of our registration website.  Your player profile will be automatically attached to the team you’re guesting for and dropped from their roster as soon as the event is completed.  This allows you to be clearly identified by college coaches. They will see your player profile.

Players Procedure:

  1. Click on TOURNAMENTS on the BLUE MENU bar.
  2. Use the SEARCH feature to find the Lititz Summer Showcase
  3. Once you find the Lititz Summer Showcase, you can register as potential Guest player.
  4. Your information will be available to all teams of your age-group and one age-group up. Team coaches will contact you via email if they need your services.


If your team is in need of one or more guest players, the registration website can allow players looking for a team to sign up to the Guest Player Pool. The Player logs into their player account and clicks on the EVENTS link and searches for the tournament in question. Once they locate it they will register as a guest player for the event. Once registered with the event the players are listed in the Guest Player Pool.

Teams Procedure:

  1. On your team Main Menu page, click on the event your team is about to participate in.
  2. When the event information loads, click on the Guest Players tab.
  3. A list of available guest players will appear. Only players fitting your team age-group, and one year lower, will appear.
  4. You can sort through the list by position and by left or right footed players.
  5. To sign a guest click on the player’s name.
  6. A detailed Player Profile page will load.
    a) In the “Guest Of”, choose your team
    b) Assign a jersey number to the guest player
  7. The player will be automatically attached to your roster for that event only. To see the guest player click on the ROSTER link in the grey menu bar and then choose the event from the drop down menu above the roster. Once the page reloads you will see your Guest Player highlighted in GREEN.
  8. The player will be automatically notified by email, and will have the opportunity to reject your assignment.
  9. The tournament will be able to see the guest on your roster.

If you are a team still in need of a player or have additional questions, contact us and provide accurate information.