Guest Player Pool

All players wishing to participate in the Lititz Summer Showcase as a “Guest Player” must be registered into the tournaments Official Guest Player Pool.  Once a player has registered a coach/team looking to add the registered player can (using his/her team GotSport account) add the player to his/her roster.

Guest Player Pool Registration – CLICK HERE

Coaches & Managers

Any player who is not a “Primary Player” on your roster is considered a guest player.  “Club Pass” players (players from within your own club who are primarily rostered to a different team within your club) are still considered “guest players” for the tournament.  There is no differentiation between a “club pass” player and a “guest player”.  They are all considered “guest players”.

Players are not permitted to play for more than one team in the tournament.  Not even if in different age groups.  No player may play for more than one team in the tournament for the duration of the event.  A player who plays for a team that he/she is not registered with for the event will cause the team that he/she is not registered with to forfeit any match in which he/she participates in.  Players are only eligible to participate with one team.

More Information on Guest Players, click here.