Guest Player Pool

All players wishing to participate in the Lititz Summer Showcase as a “Guest Player” must be registered into the tournaments Official Guest Player Pool.  Once a player has registered a coach/team looking to add the registered player can (using his/her team GotSport account) add the player to his/her roster.

Guest Player Pool Registration – CLICK HERE


Coaches & Managers:

Any player who is not a “Primary Player” on your roster is considered a guest player.  “Club Pass” players (players from within your own club who are primarily rostered to a different team within your club) are still considered “guest players” for the tournament.  There is no differentiation between a “club pass” player and a “guest player”.  They are all considered “guest players”.

No player may play for more than one team in the tournament for the duration of the event.  A player who plays for a team that he/she is not registered to for the event will cause that team to forfeit the match.

  How do I add a registered guest player to my roster? – CLICK HERE